Natures Way

Product Packaging Modeling

Product packaging was modeled from technical specifications provided by the manufacturer. The bottles were replicated to within 99% accuracy. The final meshes were rendered in Adobe Dimension and were signficantly smaller file sizes than models from other sources, and also signficantly improved shading, consistency and render time.

Bottle Caps

A cap was also modeled form standard technical specifications. This is a very complex mesh that required a lot of unusual geometry like indentations, ridges, and internal threading. The transition from a ridged shape to a circle posed unique challenges

Final Mesh

The final mesh was rendered in Adobe dimension, which expertly highlights the exquisite detail of the 3D model which lends to the photorealism. Ten separate bottles of different volumes were modeled using homogenous processes so the end result was a completely consistent look and feel to the product renderings.

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