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We created a 3D software solution that allows Jerry to embed links in his presentations which opens a browser based 3D model viewer. This allowed him to transform his teaching style from using static images, to three dimensional ones. After developing the software, we then had to find a way to get his files from one program and format, into another. This required developing elaborate processes of exporting and importing the models and a detailed clean-up process to fix imperfections and color grade the models. This is being used across the world to teach the next generation of engineers about electronic microstructures.

Logic Gates

Logic gates were one of the primary electronic microstructures modeled. The models scale is on the order of nanometers. Existing models from Strata were ported into a real-time format compatible with the software written which is used to teach students all over the world about these structures

Dynamic random-access memory

One of the electronic microstructures modeled was DRAM. This particular model had a lot of polygons and resulted in a very large file size and load time. Though it is still able to be loaded in a real-time 3D format


We have used the services Nicholas Butler’s company, on a number of occasions and have been continually impressed with the quality of his product and the innovative and effective solutions that Nicholas produces. He has created a wide range of dynamic 3D images of electronic microstructures for us that have been instrumental to the success of our company and which continually impress our clients. We use his services whenever we have difficult illustration requirements and he never fails to generate exactly the imagery we require and does so with Hollywood-style quality. We regard him as a first-rate service provider and can recommend his services without hesitation.

Jerry Healey has been a technical professional in the semiconductor industry for 30 years, 8 years of which were spent as a Device Engineer at Motorola SPS (NXP Semiconductor). He was formerly an instructor for UC Berkeley Extension (College of Engineering) and was also employed as a Process Integration Engineer at both Sematech and the Advanced Technology Development Facility (ATDF), where he worked on advanced technology node development.

He is a renowned lecturer in the field of silicon processing, and his areas of expertise include process integration, technology transfer of new processes from R&D into manufacturing, Nanowire and FinFET fabrication. His audiences remember him for the breadth of his knowledge regarding semiconductor manufacturing, his engaging lecture style, and the insightful color graphics he uses to illustrate his lectures.

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